Meer over Bastiaan de Recht

The love and empathy for the horse quickly put Grand Prix rider Bastiaan de Recht on the path of harmony and intelligent riding, based on knowledge and insight. In 2005, Bastiaan was awarded the title ‘Maestro’ in classical riding. He trained under among others Richard Hinrichs, Marcus Nowotony (Spanish Riding School), Florian Bacher (Spanish Riding School), Tineke Bartels and Laurens van Lieren. In addition to his Maestro title, Bastiaan also completed the ORUN Instructor for Competition Sport level 4 certificate and he specialises in working in-hand. Bastiaan competes both baroque horses and sport horses at the highest levels of the sport. He currently has multiple horses at Grand Prix.

De Recht Dressage Center

De Recht Dressage Center was founded by riding master, rehabilitation trainer and Grand Prix rider Bastiaan de Recht and qualified equine veterinarian and equine chiropractor Amber Koppen. Their knowledge is based on the latest biomechanical insights combined with years of experience with ‘problem’ horses with both physical and behavioural challenges.

De Recht Dressage Center encompasses:

  • The NCSAH
  • Dressage2Learn
  • Equiscio
  • Sport
  • Piaffe & Passage training