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Frank Hosmar -

Frank Hosmar, multi-medalled Paralympic dressage champion, has completed his equestrian study at the Dutch equestrian college in Deurne, and subsequently gained a few years of international experience in Yokohama (Japan), before establishing his own yard at home in the Netherlands. Frank has completed the highest equestrian degree of level 5 trainer/coach, qualified to guide combinations from lead-line class all the way through to top Grand Prix sport; something he does with a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm. He is part of the para sport instructor network and talent scout for (para) dressage for the Dutch Equestrian Federation KNHS. He is also part of the KNHS trainers platform.


In 1997, Frank had an accident where glass severed all the muscles, tendons and nerves in his right hand. As a result, he has lost almost all control and feeling in this hand, and he has only limited use of function. Doctors told him he would never be able to ride again, but lengthy and intensive rehabilitation has allowed him to develop his own way of riding that allows him to ride any horse. Looking at him ride, you would hardly be able to tell Frank has a disability in his right hand.

Since 2009, Frank has competed in Para dressage as well as in regular Grand Prix. He is Grade V listed (for riders with the mildest disability), inducted into the KNHS Paralympic team and has NOC*NSF A-status. Within the para sport, he has gone on to many successes.

Major results:

  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games: two silver medals, one bronze medal
  • 2019 European championships: three European titles individual, freestyle and team
  • 2018 world championships: team world champion and two silver medals
  • 2017 European championships: European champion and two silver medals

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