BALANCERS – Bringing roughage back into balance

The complete roughage supplement for horses and ponies.
Addresses average roughage deficiencies, maintains intestinal flora, and is essential for all general bodily functions.

BASICS – For optimal digestion of roughage

Contain nutrients that are not present or insufficient in the normal diet.
They also optimize the intestinal flora, allowing for maximum energy and nutrient uptake from the roughage. >
Used as a supplement to the normal diet and replaces most supplements.

SUPPLEMENTS – Glucosamine, magnesium, and electrolytes

Always consult an expert who has seen your horse or pony before using other supplements.
You can always email us if you have any questions about this.

Packages, sample sachets, and literature

Other products for supplementation or more in-depth information on the ‘New Feeding Concept’.

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  • starter kits
  • combination packages
  • all combinations possible

Sample sachets

  • taste test
  • composition test
  • money back by purchasing a starter kit
boek "het nieuwe voeren"

Other products

  • books on horse nutrition
  • buckets and measuring cups”
  • other products