Webinar ´The New Feeding´

Part 1 ‘The New Feeding,’ what is it?

Good feeding management has a significant impact on horse welfare. By feeding in the right way, certain veterinary issues and stereotypical behavior can be prevented. In this webinar for horse owners and enthusiasts, you will learn what ‘The New Feeding’ entails and what the law says about keeping horses.

Part 2 The Equilin Products

This webinar delves into creating an appropriate diet for your horse, how to calculate their needs, and what the Equilin products can contribute to it.

Free sample of Equilin

After watching the second webinar, you will receive a discount code for a free trial bag (excluding shipping costs).

Zoom practical meetings

After watching the second webinar, you will automatically be invited to our Zoom practical meetings. These are informative online gatherings where we discuss practical cases and nutrition questions.

Course on Horse Nutrition

Over the past years, there have been incredible changes in the world of horses. Where horses were once primarily used as working animals, they now play a role mainly in recreation and sports. This also means something for the nutritional needs of horses. Roughage should be the basis of a horse’s diet, supplemented with a product that adds the elements lacking in roughage. If there are other courses on the subject of nutrition and health in the future, you will find them on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service.

The online course ‘The New Feeding’ is a must-have for every horse lover! 

When you order this horse nutrition course, you will also receive the book, giving you a complete package to delve into the feeding of a horse and learn how to determine a suitable diet that meets the horse’s needs.


  • Can be followed online
  • Includes the book ‘The New Way of Feeding’
  • Brand-independent and scientifically supported
boek "het nieuwe voeren"

What others think of the course and the book  

Beautiful book and in-depth practical course

Van Weezel Errens challenges you to critically examine the management of your own horse. In eleven chapters, her vision, which she calls ‘The New Way of Feeding,’ is explained in understandable language. Nowhere does the author point a accusing finger, her own opinion does not seem to be of great importance; the goal is to explain how things work. A nice way to get the reader to work on their own.

Christien   * * * * * 

Definitely worth it!   

Nice to watch and interesting, especially for people who want to learn about nutrition. However, there is a lot of information.

Floor van den Dungen   * * * * * 

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