The BASICS contain nutrients that are either not or insufficiently present in the regular diet. Additionally, they optimize the intestinal flora, allowing for the maximum energy and nutrient uptake from the roughage.. When this is functioning well, a horse will start using more volatile fatty acids as muscle energy. This is beneficial for all horses, improving their condition and reducing the likelihood of acidosis.

The BASICS are intended to supplement the regular diet. In the IMMUNO and COMFORT products, all the nutrients from the BASIC product are also included. Besides the BASICS, there is no need to provide the following supplements:

– Linseed oil or other omega-3 oils
– Extra magnesium, MSM, silicon
– Vitamin E (in most cases)
– Vitamin C
– Supplements for muscle support
– Supplements for intestinal support
– B vitamins (including biotin), which are produced by an optimal intestinal flora.