Sport horses and the ‘New Feeding’ 

For sport horses, it applies that they perform just as well or perhaps even better when they receive sufficient roughage. The so-called grass belly is a result of not being able to digest roughage properly.

For sport horses as well, a healthy intestinal flora is the foundation of a healthy horse.

Sufficient roughage ensures a more satisfied horse, improved digestion and favorable energy for the muscles!

Feeding carts filled with jars and buckets of supplements are a thing of the past!

voeding voor sportpaarden
Juiste verhouding ruwvoer en krachtvoer voor paarden

A correct ratio of Roughage, Concentrates, BASICS and BALANCERS

Instead of 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight, it turns out that horses need a minimum of 2 kg of fiber/roughage per 100 kg of body weight. This is essential for a healthy digestive system and a happier overall feeling.

Naturally, horses eat much more, up to 2.5 to 3 kg per 100 kg of horse. Other fiber-rich products such as alfalfa, roughage mixes, bran, light muesli, and soaked beet pulp also meet this fiber requirement.

An increased need for “courage” (energy) and protein can be supplemented with a maximum of 1 to 2 kg of sport muesli or pellets.

Alfalfa pellets are also an excellent addition for easily absorbable, high-quality protein without providing excessive extra energy.

Benefits for sport horses include:

  • Less to no concentrates; Sufficient suitable roughage contains enough energy for 1 hour of light/medium work per day.
  • Fatty acids as an energy source from fiber are much more favorable for a sport horse; it improves conditioning and muscle metabolism, keeps the heart rate lower, and helps horses recover faster.
  • Omega 3 (DHA), vitamin E, magnesium ensure a more relaxed and less stressed horse.
  • The essential amino acids improve muscle function without putting extra strain on the liver.
  • Vitamin C, zinc and MSM boost the immune system and support the joints
Cross Country Equestrain
Goede darmflora de basis van elk gezond (sport)paard

A healthy intestinal flora is the foundation of every healthy (sport) horse

With EquilinBASICS you rebalance the intestinal flora of your horse or pony and provide them with a solid foundation for proper nutrient absorption. Many supplements and large quantities of concentrate feed become unnecessary.

`The New Feeding’ ensures “Happy Athletes” and is also a straightforward and cost-effective feeding method for larger sports stables.

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