‘The New Feeding Concept’ for training and recreation   

For horses that perform work but don’t need to become overly energetic, it is important that they can obtain sufficient energy from roughage provided they consume enough of it, which is ‘The New Feeding’ approach. 

For these horses, it is very important that their intestinal flora are healthy, as this is the foundation for every healthy and willing horse. Sufficient roughage makes for a more content horse with better digestion and fewer stereotypical behaviours! 

voeding voor recreatiepaarden
Juiste verhouding ruwvoer voor paarden

A proper ratio of roughage, BASICS, BALANCERS and protein for Horses

Instead of the 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of a horse’s body weight, it turns out that horses need a minimum of 1.5% of their body weight in DM (dry matter) of fiber/roughage to keep the horse’s body healthy and reduce stress. That’s nearly 2 kg of dry hay per 100 kg of body weight. When given unlimited access, they may even eat much more, up to 2.5 to 3 kg per 100 kg of the horse. So, be careful that horses and ponies don’t become too overweight with unlimited roughage!

Other high-fibre products such as alfalfa, roughage mixes, dried herbs, carrots, bran and even soaked beetroot mash are also included in this fibre requirement. An increased energy and protein requirement can be met with a maximum of 1kg ‘light’ muesli, alfalfa pellets, and/or another protein source.

The benefits for recreation horses and training are among others

  • Feeding less or no concentrates; good quality roughage contains enough energy for one hour of light to medium level training per day.
  • Fatty acids from fibres as an energy source are much more beneficial for every horse, improving fitness and muscle metabolism, and lowering the heart rate.
  • Omega 3 (DHA and EPA), vitamin E and magnesium allow the horse to relax more and become less sensitive to stress.
  • Essential amino acids allow for muscle build-up without putting extra strain on the liver.
  • Vitamin C, zinc and MSM boost the immune system and support the joints.

A healthy intestinal flora is the foundation of every healthy horse

With EQUILIN BASICS, you correct and rebalance the intestinal flora of your horse or pony and provide them with a solid foundation to sustain better performance in the long run. Many supplements become unnecessary, as do many kilograms of concentrate feed.

EQUILIN BALANCERS ensure that your horse or pony receives sufficient highly-digestible vitamins and minerals, thereby maintaining its self-healing ability and many other bodily functions properly.

gezonde paarden is het doel van Equilin en 'Het Nieuwe Voeren'