Frequently Asked Questions


How much should I give my horse?

The dosages differ per product. An overview of all dosages per type of horse can be found in the details of each individual product from the product line . Or click directly to: RECOMMENDED DOSAGES and SAMPLE RATIONS

Are the Equilin products well eaten?

Just like with humans, horses may take some time to get used to the taste due to the lack of added sugars. 90% of horses usually eat it without any problems after getting used to it.

Let your horse get used to the taste by mixing a small amount (max 1/5 measuring cup) in the usual feed or in sludge, for example. If this is eaten well, you can gradually build up this (and reduce the previous food).

Also read our blog about taste habit .

Can I get a sample pack?

Yes, you can order these via our webshop. Our sample packs have a content of 300 grams. They are available in all types of kibble that we have:

If you purchase a trial pack, you will receive €4.50 in return on a starter pack.

View our sample packs here

How long must the BASICS be given before the effect is visible?

Effects can usually be noticed within 3 to 5 weeks. This requires 2 packages of 6.3 kg. If no changes occur during this period, it is advisable to conduct additional research with a veterinarian to determine an underlying cause. You can also contact us for this. Furthermore, the products can only work if the amounts of sugar, starch and fructan are below a reasonable minimum. In combination with more than 3 kilos of concentrate or very wet haylage, the results will not be optimal.

Here you will find more information about the BASICS

How can the BASICS be fed in combination with the BALANCERS?

If BALANCER is fed as a supplement to roughage: daily without concentrate or in part of the dosage with less than 2 kg of concentrate. Then BASIC can also be dosed differently. Approximately 35 grams less BASIC can be fed per 100 grams of BALANCER (only with the high maintenance dose). With IMMUNO, no BALANCER is required during the dosage build-up if there is no suspected mineral deficiency. Horses that have not received additional minerals in addition to roughage for more than a month may already have a mineral deficiency.

The product specifications can be found in the details of each individual product from the product line . Here you will find more information about the BASICS

Why don't BASIC and COMFORT also contain all vitamins and minerals?

The BASIC and COMFORT formulas are formulated in such a way that they can be given with any ration without the risk of overdose. If only roughage is given, whether or not it is complete depends on the quality of the roughage. As a rule, analysis will show that a separate vitamin and mineral preparation or concentrate must be given. A roughage analysis provides a definitive answer to this. If there is no roughage analysis available, we assume that a theoretical mineral deficiency can occur under 2 kg of concentrate and the BALANCER can then be a good supplement.

During the build-up dosage, IMMUNO does contain the minerals that are required daily. At the lower dosage it is advisable to add 60% BALANCER if no other concentrates are given .

The product specifications can be found in the details of each individual product from the product line . Here you will find more information about the BASICS

Why can't IMMUNO and COMFORT be fed continuously?

If supplements contain herbs, it is wise to take a break every 6 – 8 weeks to prevent habituation. Otherwise the herbs will lose their effectiveness. Then more and more will have to be given to achieve the desired result. IMMUNO contains, among other things, Nettle and Milk Thistle, which become less effective after 6 to 8 weeks. It is then advisable to give BASIC for 14 to 30 days and then continue with IMMUNO if necessary. This also applies to the COMFORT.

The product specifications can be found in the details of each individual product from the product line . Here you will find more information about the BASICS

Are there any known side effects when using Equilin products?

Horses with kidney problems may not be able to excrete too much magnesium, which can cause dangerous levels in the blood. Horses with kidney failure are generally really ill. If in doubt, always consult your veterinarian. In principle, all ingredients of the Equilin® products are safe at the indicated dosage. But individual hypersensitivity reactions to certain ingredients may occur. Symptoms such as mild colic, drowsiness and hives may occur in the first few weeks. These usually disappear within two to three weeks. Allow horses with intestinal complaints to get used to the BASICs in 7 days (i.e. a maximum of 50 grams per day at the daily dose). You can then start with the regular build-up dosage. An allergic reaction to nettle can occur in a very small number of horses, the so-called 'Nettle rash' (an estimated 1 in 10,000 horses). These are small bumps under the coat, which normally disappear within 24 hours. Nettle is added to IMMUNO, if this occurs, stop feeding and switch to BASIC. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at:

Is Equilin doping and medication free?

All ingredients used in Equilin® products are* doping-free. This means that no raw materials are used that are known to result in positive doping results under the FEI regulations. Or which are expected to one day lead to positive doping results, which is the case, for example, with various herbal preparations (passion flower, devil's claw, guarana, ginseng, etc.). It is not recommended to feed sport horses more than 3 kg of alfalfa per day, in view of the threshold value for salicylate acid. National regulations may differ from the FEI, it is the responsibility of the rider and/or trainer to be aware of this.

* except EquilinCOMFORT
The FEI recommends a waiting period of 2 days before the competition for most herbal supplements, herbs are not included in the ' Prohibited Substances ' list. If the COMFORT is given, you can then switch to the BASIC in a slightly higher dose, possibly with a gastroprotective agent such as sucralfate.

Equilin and other supplements

In principle, Equilin products are safe and can usually be fed with other supplements provided they do not contain the same ingredients in high doses. It is then doubled because it usually no longer has any additional effect. With selenium, too much should not be fed per day. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us. via:

Equilin and veterinary treatments

The Equilin products do not replace therapy. Always consult your vet first for a proper diagnosis. If veterinary procedures are necessary, always inform them of the use of Equilin products. Equilin products will have a supportive effect with most regular therapies. The final decision on this is up to the treating veterinarian, but you can always contact us via:

During pregnancy

BASIC is a good supplement for pregnant mares. Magnesium in particular has a positive influence on the bones and joints of both the mare and the foal. In the case of magnesium deficiency, magnesium is released from the mare's bones, which is accompanied by the release of calcium and phosphorus, which is not beneficial for the mare. Magnesium in particular has a positive influence on the bones and joints of both the mare and the foal.

It has been scientifically proven that the addition of DHA omega 3 fatty acids from algae and/or fish oil (also from linseed, but this is much less efficient) during pregnancy and lactation results in stronger offspring that develop faster.

It is important that the mare receives sufficient available copper and selenium from the beginning of pregnancy. The BALANCER contains these minerals in a dosage of 125%. During the last 4 months of pregnancy, the calcium/phosphorus requirement increases sharply, which is why we recommend supplementing with GROW. BASIC can also be taught here


From the last 4 months of pregnancy: 45 g /100 kg and 200 g lucerne / per 100 kg horse if necessary. in combination with BASIC

During pregnancy lactation: 45 g /100 kg horse

During lactation: +/- 50% recommended mare feed

IMMUNO is not suitable for pregnant and lactating mares (first 3 months) due to the increased excretion of waste products.

Here you will find more information about the BASICS
You can find more about the
GROW here

Why do the Equilin products not contain Selenium? This is found in many other supplements with vitamin E.

Selenium is generally contained in sufficient quantities in concentrates, but less and less in roughage. Adding extra Selenium in the form of supplements can be toxic. And it is not easy for us as a producer to estimate what amount a horse consumes in its total ration. Complete coverage without overdose of Selenium cannot therefore be provided in a standard product and must therefore always be determined based on the total ration. If more than 2/2.5 kg of concentrate is given, Selenium is usually not a problem, there is no shortage.

BALANCER, IMMUNO and GROW contain a considerable dose of less toxic organic Selenium and can be added daily, a few days a week or in half a dose, as desired and depending on the concentrate.

The symptoms of an acute overdose of Selenium are:

  • Temporary blindness, colic, diarrhea, shaking, pain, increased pulse and breathing, sweating, feeling unwell.

This acute risk occurs if a horse ingests more than 40 mcg/kg body weight (600 kg horse, this is 25 mg).

The symptoms of a chronic (i.e. long-term) overdose are:

  • Hair loss from mane and tail, loosening of hoof wall.

A horse is at risk of a chronic overdose if it ingests more than 6 mg/day over a longer period.

Selenium deficiencies (nowadays very common in horses and ponies without roughage supplementation):

  • Problems with resistance;
  • Muscle stiffness, coat problems, loss of color.

The product specifications can be found in the details of each individual product from the product line .

What is the difference between pre- and probiotics?

Prebiotics are actually nothing more than dietary fibres, which are found in regular roughage. But there are many different dietary fibers, different herbs and grasses have slightly different properties. That is also the reason why a biodiverse ration (many different types of grasses and weeds) ensures a biodiverse microbiome (intestinal flora). Pectin, FOS and inulin are all different types of dietary fiber/prebiotics, food for the beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Probiotics are something different, these are living organisms that influence the intestinal flora. Good bacteria can attach there and give you temporary relief. Not live yeasts (which we use in the products). These increase the pH but will disappear from the intestines over time. If the intestinal flora is fed again and again with our rich roughage. Or is influenced by, for example, illness, dehydration, deworming, etc. effective support remains desirable, especially for horses that react sensitively to the intestines.

Ordering and returns

Can I still change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

In most cases this is no longer possible. Once your order has been paid, it will be forwarded to the warehouse for delivery. If you notice that something has gone wrong immediately after placing your order, please send an email to: i as soon as possible . Then we can see what else is possible. Once your package is packed, we cannot make any changes.

For more information, see:

What is the delivery time?

Orders will be delivered within 2 working days after receipt of your payment. You will receive an email from DPD as soon as your package has been registered. You have the option to change the delivery date or delivery address, or to give permission to drop off. We cannot pass this on for you. You will then receive an email from DPD with a track and trace code with which you can track the package.

NB ;
With permission to drop, we cannot do anything if the package is lost.

Parcels can also be collected from all DPD collection points. This can be indicated after ordering from DPD as soon as you have received the email from DPD.

The above only applies to orders within the Netherlands.

For larger shipments abroad, please contact us at: i .

For more information, see:

Will my order also be delivered internationally?

In principle we deliver to all countries within the EU. This requires a longer delivery time than 2 working days. NB; Different shipping rates also apply per country. You can find this here: 

For larger shipments abroad and countries outside the EU, you must first contact us at: i .

How can I return a product?

You have the right to cancel the order up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason. Always register your return by sending an email to:

After cancellation, you will have to return the unopened products within 14 days. If you return the entire order, you will be refunded the full order amount including shipping costs. If you return part of the order, only that part of the order amount will be refunded. The costs for returning from your home to our return address are at your own expense.

Return address:

Erve Vleerboer /Equilin

Vleerboersweg 28

7665 ST Albergen

The Netherlands

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you can send an email to with the announcement of the return and the bank details. We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registering your return, provided that the product has already been returned in good order. For more information, see: Shipping and returns – Equilin BV

Can I return my international order?

This is possible for orders delivered within the EU, but not recommended. In all cases, the return costs and associated risks of returns are entirely at your own expense.

Prices and discount promotions

What payment methods do you have?

To make it as easy as possible for you, you can pay with us in many different ways. We work with IDEAL, PayPal, MasterCard, Giropay, Bancontact and Bank Transfer (only for partners). The products will be shipped after payment. This is almost immediate for all payment methods with the exception of on account.

We also have Klarna as a payment option, but this does not always work well. If the payment keeps getting stuck with Klarna, we request that you choose another payment method for quick processing.

*Payment via bank transfer can only be chosen by customers living within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Why do you only offer 6.3kg bags?

By using 6.3kg bags for our balancers and basics, it remains airtight and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, 1 bag always fits in a bucket that is usually completely emptied. This way you always have a fresh quality product.

Do I get a discount if I purchase more bags at the same time?

To accommodate the purchase of larger volumes, we offer bulk discounts. From 3 bags or supplements we give an extra 10% discount. From 12 bags this is even 15%. Curious about our prices? Then take a look at our price list .

When are you a regular customer (VIP) at Equilin and what discount do you get?

As a regular customer (VIP) you receive an extra 5% discount in Equilin points. As soon as you make repeat purchases after your very first Equilin order, you are a regular customer (VIP).
Please note: you do need an Equilin account which you can create when placing your first order. On your second and subsequent orders you will automatically receive an extra 5% discount on the order total. Please note: this discount is paid out in Equilin points in your account. You can redeem these points on your next order. These points remain valid for 5 months.

How do I use a discount code?

During checkout you can click on the link 'Do you have a discount voucher?' An input field will then appear where the discount code can be entered. You can get a discount code by, for example, watching the webinar or by saving points on your purchases in our Equilin shop .

How can you save Equilin points?

To earn Equilin points, you must create an account with your first order. With every order you earn 2% in Equilin points that you can exchange for a discount on your next order. These are kept in your account. For 50 Equilin points you get 1 euro discount on your next purchase, this is automatic.

How do you redeem the Equilin points you have saved?

To redeem the points you have saved, first log in to your account. You then place your order and the shop asks whether and how many of your saved points you want to redeem. Your discount will be applied afterwards. Please note: your points balance must be at least 100 points (worth EUR 2) before you can redeem them.

Which gift cards can I redeem?

With us you can only exchange the Horses&Gifst Gift Card. This gift card is available via: Home | Horses & Gifts (

Only valid within the Netherlands.

Complaints and questions

How do I file a complaint?

It can always happen that something doesn't go exactly as planned. We recommend that you first report any complaints to us by emailing . If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur . From February 15, 2016, consumers in the EU will also be able to register complaints via the European Commission's ODR platform. This ODR platform can be found at . If your complaint is not yet being processed elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

Would you like to sponsor us?

We believe it is important that, as an applicant for sponsorship, you support/promote our vision in the field of horse welfare and nutrition. And it is especially nice if you already have experience with Equilin products. Because Equilin receives many sponsorship requests every year that do not directly support the welfare vision, we have decided to no longer sponsor competitions. What we do do are knowledge-related events and training courses. If you meet this requirement, you can send an email to: