'The New Feeding'

Back to the natural roughage requirement

Five years ago, the roughage standard was 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight per day. The ration then had to be supplemented with kilos of concentrates to provide sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Now we know better! Scientific studies have now shown that this is outdated. And that a horse needs at least double the amount of roughage to keep its body healthy and feel satisfied. A horse naturally eats even more roughage.

And that means when horses receive double the amount of roughage, their sugar and protein intake also doubles. This sheds new light on feeding concentrates. The necessary supplement to the roughage must be adjusted so that the intestinal flora is in balance and horses and ponies do not become too fat and continue to feel fit and healthy.

Equilin® products respond well to these changing nutritional needs and have received multiple awards, including the HIP Award; as a 'tilter' of the sector.

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Roughage alone does not contain all the necessary nutrients and can cause disturbed intestinal flora

A predominantly roughage diet does not contain sufficient minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin E, which is in any case not sufficiently present in dried roughage. A roughage diet can also be a reason for disturbed intestinal flora, for example if it is too rich, too wet or contains too much mold.

Healthy intestinal flora is the basis for healthy and satisfied horses!

A well-functioning intestinal flora is the basis of a healthy, fit and satisfied horse. The Equillin BALANCERS supplement this and maintain healthy intestinal flora. Disturbed intestinal flora can be corrected and brought into balance with the Equillin BASICS.

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Equilin® continues to investigate with the blinders off

She follows the latest developments in the field of nutrition and wellness, analyzes them and continues to develop the products. In this way, every equine doctor, professional and horse lover can be sure that Equilin® products have been produced according to the most recent insights. Thousands of users experience the results every day.

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