Sport horses and 'The New Feeding'

The Importance of Roughage for Sport Horses

Sport horses perform just as well or perhaps better if they receive sufficient roughage. The so-called grass belly is a result of the inability to properly digest roughage.

Here too, the basis of a healthy sport horse is good intestinal flora.

Sufficient roughage ensures a more satisfied horse, better digestion and beneficial energy for the muscles!

Correct ratio of roughage, concentrates, BASICs and BALANCERs

Instead of 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight, it appears that horses need at least 2 kg of fiber/roughage per 100 kg of body weight. This is for a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a more satisfied feeling.

Horses naturally eat much more, as much as 2.5 to 3 kg per 100 kg of horse. Other fiber-rich products such as alfalfa, roughage mixes, bran, light muesli's and soaked beet pulp also fall within this fiber requirement.

An increased need for 'courage' and protein can be supplemented with a maximum of 1 to 2 kg of sports muesli or chunks.

Alfalfa chunks are also a nice addition for easily absorbable, high-quality protein without feeding a lot of extra energy.

Benefits for sport horses include:

  • Less or no concentrate; sufficient suitable roughage contains enough energy for 1 hour of L/M work per day.
  • The fatty acids as an energy source from the fibers are much more beneficial for a sport horse, the condition and muscle metabolism improves, the heart rate also remains lower and horses will recover faster.
  • Omega 3 (DHA and EPA), vitamin E and magnesium ensure a more relaxed and less stress-sensitive horse.
  • The essential amino acids improve muscle strength without putting additional strain on the liver.
  • Vitamin C, zinc and MSM support the immune system and joints.

Good intestinal flora is the basis of every healthy (sports) horse.

With the Equilin BASICs you correct the intestinal flora of your horse or pony and give him/her a good basis for properly absorbing the feed. Many supplements and many kilos of concentrates then become unnecessary.

'The New Feeding' contributes to 'happy athletes' and is also a clear and cost-saving way of feeding for larger sports stables!

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