Veterinaire Paardenvoeding wint HIP AWARD

Equilin Veterinaire Paardenvoeding wint HIP AWARD Toeleverancier 2019!

Equilin Veterinary Horse Nutrition wins HIP AWARD supplier 2019!

Drs Annette van Weezel Errens, veterinarian and horse lover, has won this incentive prize as a 'turner of the equestrian sector' for her concept 'the New Feeding' and her commitment to horse welfare.

The HIP AWARDS were presented on Friday, September 13 during the Horse Event in Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen. This happened during The Equestrian Entrepreneur Day, for which more than 500 equestrian entrepreneurs came to Horse Event. Under the inspiring leadership of chairman Humberto Tan

The jury consisted of Ton Corbeau (editor-in-chief of the Hippische Ondernemer), Andries van Daalen (chairman of the KWPN), Cees Roozemond (chairman of the KNHS), Peter van der Veeken (ABAB accountants) and Monique van Hal (Bieman de Haas). The jury looked at distinctiveness, creativity and innovative character.

“The 'New Feeding' manual, which can be downloaded free of charge from its website, addresses the nutritional needs of the horses on the basis of scientific substantiation. With this, owner and veterinarian Annette van Weezel Errens shows courage by ignoring how we have been doing things for years." According to the jury.

Annette has been committed to the interests and welfare of the horse/animal for years. This started in 2000 with the application for a free course in veterinary medicine, because Annette was of the opinion that in veterinary training, the natural needs of the animal had been subordinated to the interests of the industry. She experienced a lot of resistance from the University at the time to obtain her doctorate in veterinary medicine.

She has been working on the concept of “New Feeding” for more than 10 years. This different view of the horse's nutritional needs was confirmed last year with the establishment of the international welfare standard for horses. Horses need twice as much fiber from roughage than previously assumed to keep their bodies healthy. The necessary supplement to this (the former concentrate/chunks) must therefore be adjusted so that animals do not become too fat and continue to feel fit and healthy. Equilin products respond well to these changed nutritional needs.

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