When the temperature drops below 0 degrees, it is advisable to offer your horse a little extra and to adjust the ration. In cold weather, your horse needs more energy to stay warm and fit. That is why it is important to give your horse just a little extra energy during this period to keep all body processes at a good level.

Forage the norm

An important and certainly indispensable in cold weather… Roughage! sufficient roughage is very important for your horse, because this is the basis of a happy, satisfied horse. Roughage ensures that your horse gets fiber, and these provide warmth, but why? Fiber is broken down by bacteria in the large intestine. And these bacteria produce fatty acids that serve as energy sources for your horse, but also heat!!

Sufficient nutrients

To maintain the nutrients and to provide your horse with all functional vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to feed the BASIC, this is, as the name says, the basis of a well-balanced ration. To supplement the BASIC, it is also indispensable to carry a BALANCER. With this you meet the nutrient requirements of your horse and your ration is certainly “winter resistant”.


First of all, horses can handle the cold very well if they are in good health, on the other hand, in your training it is advisable to take the weather into account.
It is important that you give your horse a good warm-up and cool-down, so that the temperature can slowly drop back. Be careful and keep your horse under control. Letting a horse go bonkers on a small lunge circle in the cold weather with often a harder bottom is asking for injuries.

Did you know that…

Did you know that putting on a sweat blanket immediately after your training is not good for your horse? As a result, they retain their heat and it becomes more difficult to return to normal body temperature.

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