Workshop PFC de veetelers en VHIVER

Workshop PFC the livestock growers and VHIVER

At the initiative of students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht and students from the Animal Sciences study program at Wageningen University, Equilin organized a day excursion with them about the importance of good horse nutrition and management.

" Last February 29, 2024, as Animal Sciences students from Wageningen, we had a workshop on horse nutrition by Drs Annette van Weezel Errens at the HIT-Aktiv stable of Tjeerd and Karin Schraa as a beautiful location. At a HIT-Aktiv stable, horses are kept in an environment which supports their natural behavior. The horses are kept outside in groups all day long, or inside if they wish. They can obtain roughage and concentrates via special feeding stations at several times a day, allowing for individual feeding.
We organized this day excursion in collaboration with the Vhiver students of Veterinary Medicine from Utrecht, because we noticed that horse nutrition is rarely discussed in both studies. While horse nutrition is a very diverse and interesting subject!

Annette took us through the entire concept of 'The New Feeding', starting with basic background information about horse anatomy and digestion to ending with an explanation of how her products work. The importance of providing good quality roughage was discussed a lot, where we were also able to practice with real roughage analyzes and the associated plucks of hay. Finally, Annette had many examples of real horses that had visibly improved after giving her products in combination with enough roughage. That was very inspiring to see! It was a successful day for us. "

We are pleased that at Equilin we can be at the forefront of the new generation. We hope to continue working with these and subsequent passionate groups of young professionals in the future.

View the website of Vhiver and PFC the livestock growers here

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Workshop PFC de veetelers en VHIVER