Wat is het verschil tussen reguliere producten en Equilin producten?

What is the difference between regular products and Equilin products?

Equilin's products are all based on the concept: “The New Feeding”.

The New Feeding ” is back to the natural needs of the horse, which means that ten years ago the roughage standard was 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight per day. The ration then had to be supplemented with kilos of concentrates to obtain sufficient nutrients.

Now we know better! It is now out scientific research This has proven to be outdated. And that a horse needs at least double the amount of roughage to keep its body healthy and feel satisfied. A horse naturally eats even more roughage.

And that means that when a horse receives double the amount of roughage, its sugar and protein intake also doubles. This sheds new light on feeding concentrates. The necessary supplement to the roughage must be adjusted so that horses and ponies do not become too fat and continue to feel fit and healthy.

Roughage alone usually does not contain all the necessary nutrients. For example, it does not contain enough minerals. Just like vitamin E, which is usually not sufficiently present in dried roughage, the BALANCERs supplement this.

Also the intestinal flora a point of attention, because the horse must be able to digest the roughage in order to obtain sufficient energy from it. And that's where things often go wrong with roughage alone. This can be balanced with the BASICs.

When you compare Equilin products with other “sweet” types of food, you see a clear difference sugars and quantities . All those kilos of sweet chunks (chips and cookies) are unhealthy for your body. You can compare it to someone who eats large amounts of sweets every day. This is not conducive to all body processes and creates an imbalance in the body.

“The New Feeding” is certainly a big step in the right direction with healthy and balanced food. Our vision is to provide happy, healthy, satisfied horses.

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