Dialoog Dierwaardige Veehouderij 2023

Equilin looks beyond horse welfare - Animal Husbandry Dialogue (Video)

Did you know that Annette, in addition to her company, Equilin, has always been committed to promoting animal welfare.

Her involvement is evident from her membership of the Ethics Committee of the Royal Dutch Society for Veterinary Medicine (KNMvD), which reflects the ethical standards of veterinarians in our society. More about this in future newsletters.

Some time ago, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized a special dialogue about the respectful treatment of animals in livestock farming. Together we have made a leap to the year 2040, in which we strive for a humane approach to animal husbandry in the livestock industry. This meeting brought together animal rights activists, livestock farmers, politicians, veterinarians, researchers, civil servants and other professionals for an inspiring afternoon full of valuable insights.

The result was remarkable: an in-depth conversation that inspired us all to continue the dialogue with each other. This event has given a powerful boost to our shared will to work together towards a future in which animal welfare is central.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of this inspiring meeting.

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