Boeklancering (Video)

'The New Feeding', practical handbook - Book launch (Video)

'Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.' Doctors used to swear this oath to Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine.

This becomes apparent when we feed horses and ponies according to their natural minimum roughage requirements. Then there will be far fewer problems such as colic, stomach ulcers and stable vices. If we zoom in even further on nutrition, it will become apparent that many more veterinary problems are influenced or caused by an inappropriate ration.

Drs. Annette van Weezel Errens graduated in 2004 with a specialization in Veterinary Medicine. She was already aware that another preventive direction within veterinary medicine was of interest to her, a direction that better meets the natural needs of the animal. However, it is also one that takes nature into account and fits in with sustainable circular agriculture.

'The New Feeding', practical handbook for better horse welfare if you also choose:

  • Better feed management
  • Increase your horse's well-being
  • Choosing circular agriculture

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