Carmen Romer-Theunissen

Carmen Romer-Theunissen

Carmen is included in the A-team endurance Seniors. Carmen Römer from Limburg is a very experienced endurance rider. She rode her first competition at the age of 10 and has completed more than 250 well-completed competitions, more than 25,000 competition kilometers and a total of more than 35 completed 160 km competitions with fourteen different horses. In addition, Römer has had an arrival rate of around 80% since she started using the Equilin products.

Career and Career

Carmen rode her first World Championship in 2003 with the Young Riders, before starting a year later in the World Championship with the Seniors. She became Dutch champion eight times in the senior category. As a 10-year-old, Carmen rode her first endurance race in 1995. Stimulated by her father Lei, who himself started for the Netherlands at the WEG in The Hague in 1994.

Carmen, who went to work for Defense after her high school diploma, completed a Master's degree in Accounting & Control and through postgraduate education, Carmen is now a Registered Account. She rose to become an Officer in the Royal Navy at Defense, trains at least 20 hours a week and believes that she has the following positive qualities: perseverance, positive thinking and the ability to focus on things that make a difference in a competition.

In addition to highlights, there was a low point at the WEG in Aachen 2006. She had managed to qualify with two horses, but unfortunately was unable to start. One of Carmen's dreams is that endurance will become an Olympic sport and that she will win a medal there. According to her, that category, dreams, also includes becoming a World Champion. That year she became European Junior Champion with Fadilah R.

In 2015 she was part of the team that won bronze at the European Championships in Samorin with Siglavy Bagdady Zeusz. He finished 16th individually and came in as the second Dutchman. She replaced the Dutch Champion Joyce van den Berg as reserve.

In 2016, she also won team bronze at the World Championships in Samorin.

In 2017 at the European Individual Championships 8th.

Recently in 2021 in Ermelo individually 19th and team 5th at the European Championships.

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