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‘The New Feeding Concept’, back to the horse’s natural roughage needs

‘Het Nieuwe Voeren', terug naar de natuurlijke ruwvoerbehoefte en paardenvoeding

Five years ago, the roughage norm was 1kg of hay per 100kg of bodyweight per day. The diet then had to be supplemented with kilos and kilos of concentrates to gain enough nutrients. A healthy intestinal flora is the basic of every healthy horse!

Equilin® products are developed specifically from a nutritional perspective

We now know better! Scientific research has since shown that this norm is outdated. A horse needs at least double the amount of roughage to keep their body healthy and feel satisfied. In nature, a horse will eat even more roughage.

And that means that when a horse receives double the amount of roughage, sugar- and protein intake also double. This shines a new light on feeding concentrates. The necessary additions to the roughage need to be adapted, so the intestinal flora can be balanced and the horse or pony does not become overweight and while still feeling fit and healthy.

Equilin® products are developed specifically to this changed nutritional perspective and have won multiple awards, including the HIP Award for ‘changemaker’ in the sector.

gezonde paarden is het doel van Equilin en 'Het Nieuwe Voeren'

Roughage alone does not contain all the necessary nutrients

For instance, it contains insufficient minerals. Vitamin E is usually also not found in dried roughage in sufficient levels; our EQUILIN BALANCERs supplement this. The intestinal flora are also a point of attention, since the horse has to be able to digest the roughage well. This is where it often goes wrong, even in roughage-only diets. This can be corrected and balanced with the EQUILIN BASICs.

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Equilin® keeps investigating, without blinkers

We follow the latest developments in equine nutrition and welfare, analyse these and continue to innovate our products. Every equine veterinarian, equestrian professional or enthusiast can rest assured that Equilin® products are produced according to the most recent insights. Thousands of users are experiencing its results on a daily basis.

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“Be super smart about feeding your horse in top condition. Start your the? Equilin® ‘New Feeding Concept’ today and experience it for yourself!”

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