Yvette Raquelle Pen

Yvette Raquelle Pen

Yvette her Uwkje C started her life as a valued star mare and mother of nine foals. At the age of 13, she left the familiar pastures of her breeder to move in with Yvette Pen in Heelweg. Under Yvette's care, and with the talented rider Tahnee Visser at her side, Uwkje unexpectedly grew into a full-fledged sports mare, a surprising transformation.

Today, at the age of 18, Uwkje C can proudly add the title Elite after her name
she managed to achieve her 5th victory point in the PSG.

At Equilin we are proud to support Yvette and Uwkje. Their story is an ode to the strength that can still be found in old horses. She explains her care:

"From pregnant mares to sport horses; every horse in our stable has Equilin Grow as a basis. I have been using Equilin Grow for years. I also apply additional nutrition according to the horse's needs. After all, a sport horse has different needs than a broodmare. In addition to the fact that our horses perform in sports and breeding, they must also be able to be normal horses, so go outside and not stay in the stable all day. I am convinced that if the basics are good, you also have healthy horses from the inside out work. And in my view, Equilin ensures that. I have healthy horses that have shiny coats, look happy and bright and perform at light tour level."

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