Annemiek Hulshof, van pony´s tot Grand-Prix niveau

Annemiek Hulshof, from ponies to Grand-Prix level

Annemiek Hulshof is an experienced and passionate horse trainer. She has been riding Grand Prix since she was 21, and has also trained dozens of horses for this. Her love for horses started at an early age. At the age of five she got her own pony. She later became a professional model to realize her dream of having her own horse and stable.

After years of training and teaching, she met her husband and together they started a successful stable where they trained show jumping and dressage horses for the highest level.

Annemiek is currently focusing on her horse Idool, a descendant of Dreamboy, which she trains for the Grand Prix.

We look forward to supporting Annemiek and Idool and her other horses in the coming years!

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