EquilinCOMFORT, the stomach relaxation formula samplebag 400g (ENG)

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EquilinCOMFORT, the stomach relaxation formula sample pack 400g

EquilinCOMFORT is a BASIC that protects the stomach, stimulates good stomach function and provides additional relaxation.

EquilinCOMFORT is a BASIC that both stimulates a healthy intestinal flora and protects the stomach, thus stimulating good stomach function and providing additional relaxation.
The main components of the BASIC are: magnesium, vitamin E, MSM, vegetable omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), essential amino acids, pre- and probiotics and mycotoxin binders. Added: Licorice, Chamomile and FOS (Inulin)

COMFORT is for daily use to relieve stomach discomfort or stomach problems in horses, in addition to sufficient suitable (best analyzed) roughage (max. 1 hour without, if necessary with slow feeder) and a complete vitamin and mineral supplement feed (e.g . EquilinBALANCER) and a minimum to no concentrated feed. It should be given for at least 6 weeks. The result is optimized if stress stimuli are also removed. Due to the higher build-up dose in the first 3 weeks, a horse needs 2 sacks in the first 6 weeks. After that, 1 sack per month is sufficient for a full-grown horse. A build-up dose can also be administered for a few days in stressful situations. The product can be fed continuously, but an occasional break of 7-10 days is recommended. Before a tournament you have to pause for 2 days and give BASIC. COMFORT does not contain a complete vitamin and mineral complex, so it can be added to any ration. Try cheap? Then choose our trial package.

Dosage and Ingredients to Relieve Stomach Discomfort and Upset Stomach in Horses:

Structure* Conservation
Horse 250 - 350 grams 150 - 200 grams
Pony 350 - 450 grams 200 - 250 grams

*Build-up dose for 3 weeks. Increase the maintenance dose to a build-up dose for a few days if you are stressed or strenuously exerted. Side Effects: Licorice can cause high blood pressure problems in animals. Horses with renal insufficiency can have problems with high levels of magnesium in their blood. Consult your vet before use.

Avoid concomitant oral administration of macrolides (certain antibiotics prescribed only as a 3rd choice for infections in foals)

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5 reviews for EquilinCOMFORT, the stomach relaxation formula samplebag 400g (ENG)

  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    Goede en snelle service en op het eerste oog goed voer. Paard at het direct. Nog vol in de beginfase maar vol goede verwachting!

  2. Natasja Polet

    Een fijn product wat werkt bij onze harrie.

  3. Mary v. Luk v.Leeuwen

    Onze Hongaarse koudbloed zat niet lekker in zijn vel en ontlasting was slecht, de BALANCER zorgde er samen met de COMFORT voor dat we een mooi glimmende lieve relaxte pony hebben. Wat een klein brokje kan doen. Echt geweldig!

  4. Cassandra

    Doet wat het zegt. Kwalitatief goed voer! Ik heb een hele verandering gezien bij de paarden. Zitten goed in hun vel.

  5. Tamara Mengers

    Ben erg tevreden over de EquilinBALANCER voer het nu 5 weken in combinatie met de EquilinCOMFORT maar heb totaal andere paarden op stal staan !!!

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