“The influence of nutrition on (sport)horses is often underestimated, when in fact the horse’s condition and performance are very often related to nutrition.

There have been many studies to understand the nutritional physiology of horses.

Yet many questions remain unanswered. The discussion about the possible health effects of nutrition must continue, especially in relation to athletic performance, training and well-being of the horse.”


Next March 23 to 25, Equilin will attend the Equine Health and Nutrition Congress in Ghent, Belgium. The theme this year is mainly about the microbiome, roughage and ration calculations.

A very familiar theme for us!


The book (now translated into English) ‘The New Feeding Concept’ – by Drs. Annette van Weezel Errens will be promoted there as well as the online courses. Will we see you there?


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11th European Equine

Health & Nutrition Congress

March 23/03/2023 – 25/03/2023