The first few months for a foal are crucial, a healthy and fit foal starts with the mare. Nutrients are passed on to your foal through breast milk. It is therefore extremely important that the mare has a well-balanced ration to provide the foal with the right amount of nutrients through the mother’s milk.

Forage as a basis

Always make sure that your mare has enough roughage, this comes down to at least 2 kg per 100 kg of body weight. I hear you think, “but the roughage standard was 1kg per 100kg of body weight, right?” Scientific studies have now shown that this is outdated. And that a horse needs at least twice the amount of roughage to keep its body healthy and to feel satisfied. By nature, a horse eats even more roughage and a nursing mare even more!


For the growth of the foal and to keep the mother’s milk optimal, the pregnant mare needs more vitamins and minerals and especially good protein. If your mare gets too little protein during pregnancy or lactation, she will absorb certain proteins or amino acids from her own body. This can lead to muscle loss to meet the foal’s protein needs. You don’t want this!


In addition to proteins, the mare also needs sufficient minerals, copper, phosphorus and calcium are good examples of this. These ensure, among other things, good bone growth and the milk production of the mare, for example. It is wise that the mare has sufficient minerals available well in advance.


It is our advice to start with the GROW from 8 months of pregnancy and continuously with broodmares. It is in any case wise to feed according to “The New Feed” before that time, which means: BASIC + BALANCER. The GROW is a combination of the BALANCER and the BASIC, if you go for the best for the mare, then it is okay to add some BASIC. This provides the mare with the right amount of

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