Horses can withstand heat well, up to 20 degrees. If the temperature is even higher, it will be harder for them. Older horses in particular have more trouble losing their heat, because all processes in their bodies become slower and slower. Instead of choosing how they deal with the heat, they depend on the choices we make for them.

We have listed a few tips for you!

Cool drinking water

Fresh clean and cool drinking water is important in hot weather, both in the meadow and in the stable. On average, a 600 kg horse drinks about 20 to 30 liters of water per day, but when it is warm this can go up to 50 liters in a day!


Your horse loses water and electrolytes every day through sweating, faeces and urine. It is important to balance this loss of electrolytes and water. During exercise, such as competitions and training, your horse can lose a lot more electrolytes, especially when it is very hot and they sweat a lot. Your horse cannot retain moisture well without these electrolytes, so top them up! You can do this with our RECOVER, you can easily mix this with a nice slobber or even drinking water.

Poor pasture

Your whey probably looks bare and yellow with the heat, your whey is dried out. Make sure you keep your meadow well wet so that the vitamins in the grass are maintained. To give your horse an extra boost of vitamins, it is advisable to feed a BALANCER in addition to your BASIC, which contains all essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to support your horse.

Customize your workout

When temperatures rise above 20 degrees, it is wise to adjust your training. During normal training, your horse’s temperature can rise to a critical height within 20 minutes. So try to drive as much as possible when it is cool, early in the morning or late at night for example. If you don’t have this option, make sure you shorten the duration of your training and make sure that your horse does not get too hot. Don’t forget to spray your horse!

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