Equilin stands for the well-being of horses!

Sufficient biodiverse roughage with different grasses and herbs is the basis for a healthy intestinal flora and, therefore, the foundation of a healthy and happy horse.

Because roughage does not contain everything the horse needs, Equilin develops products that supplement the diet with high quality nutrients, contributing to horse welfare and health.

Equilin products have been developed based on the ‘New Feeding Concept,’ getting back to the horse’s natural roughage needs.

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Why Equilin

100% VEGAN

Plant-based and responsible

Winner of multiple awards

in the equestrian sector

Safe en certified

GMP and FSA accredited

Equilin smaak gewenning en supplement voor gewrichten van het paard

Back to the horse’s natural roughage needs

Equilin is developed by the new generation of veterinarians. We keep up with current developments in equine nutrition and continuously innovate our products. Equilin provides natural (supplementary) nutrition for horses.

This way, every equine veterinarian, professional, and horse enthusiast can be sure that Equilin® products are produced according to the most recent insights and that no compromises are made in terms of quality.

‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.’

Hippocrates, founder of western medicine

As Hippocrates already noted, good nutrition can make a significant contribution to health. This can prevent (unnecessary) use of medication and ensures maximum feed intake, reducing the need to feed more and more.


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